5 08 2008

I’m a muscian, normally, but I’ve been on holiday as of late, since I no longer have a guitar to work with, and my sound board is far far away.  I moved to Utah a few months ago, and I don’t yet have all of my stuff with me.  *sadface*

I had been doing some songs to put together a CD I was calling “What Have We Done With the Keys?”  The tracks I have recorded (at least in part) are as follows:

  1. Maudit
  2. And You’ve Gone and Told Love’s Secret (You Fool)
  3. Lock Down, Move On
  4. Acutally, ‘Sorry’ Wasn’t the First Thing that Came to Mind
  5. Aspirations
  6. The End of Tribulation
  7. Thievery Sends its Best Regards

Other tracks have been “in the works”, so to speak, but without my tools, I can’t build anything of any use.  That last track, “Thievery Sends its Best Regards” was done in FL Studio, since I don’t have my actual instruments.

Check out my music page a for the whole song listing page.  It’s a nice little forum-based community.  My songs are set to only allow members to download them, but signing up is drop dead simple, and you won’t get a shred of spam from them.  I helped build up the site, I know 8)