New Dell “Della” laptops for girls

15 05 2009

A new (but not “new”) lineup of Dell laptops are marching towards us… “Della” is the name of the game.

I heard about this earlier today, and so like anyone loyal to the internets, I began looking it up to find out more about the whole thing.  I’m not really all that into having a computer for the sake of “fashion”, but that’s what I quickly realized this is all about.

I was surprised though to find that everybody writing about the new Dellas were techy-informed females whining about sexism.

I would like to take this time to express my incredible disappointment in these writers, who think that a single sales campaign with a fashion emphasis insults the entire female gender.  Dell’s attempt to appeal to a most certainly otherwise neglected niche market is simply just that; the simple fact of the matter is that more men are involved with technological edges of the frontier than women.  Inversely, women simply aren’t.  We need more women in the tech world, as I see it.  But that won’t change the fact that some people–men and women alike–will not embrace geeky ideals.  It follows, thus, that plenty of people out there are at the opposite end of this spectrum, who care more about social interactions with others, appearances, impressions and fashionable presentations.

Is there something inherently wrong with trying to show these people that a netbook can be handy?

The Della campaign isn’t about educating women on RAM, processors, dynamic GPU abilities, power-saving features, etc, etc.  It’s all about giving the common “who cares about computers” women a chance to see what technology can do to help them do what they like doing anyway.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.  Again, this isn’t about being sexist.  Those who claim that it is frankly appear to be picking a fight over nothing.  Aren’t stereotypes stereotypes for a reason?  Just swallow it, and live your life without trying to make this world worse off with petty arguments.




One response

21 02 2010
(anonymous birth control addict)

laptops for girls is as silly as black history month

where is white history months and laptops for boys??

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