Warcraft 3 1.22 full patch

31 01 2009

I had to reinstall most programs on my system last week, including my loverly games. Warcraft III was among those games, and I knew I had to get the 1.22 patch. 1.21b was the most up-to-date patch for a long time, but Blizzard released 1.22 not that long ago.

Problem was, everybody and their dog only hosts the *upgrade* patch, which requires that you’ve already got 1.21b. Now tell me why I would go download 2 separate patches to get to the latest version? I’d rather have the cumulative one.

So here it is, provided from the Blizzard Support site:

1.22 for Reign of Chaos (for those who have not installed The Frozen Throne)

1.22 for The Frozen Throne (for those have both RoC and TFT installed)

If you really are looking for only the 1.21a -> 1.22 patches, just click on that “Blizzard Support site” link, just above.




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