Miko’s Blog, straight out of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan

15 12 2008

One of my interests is languages.  Included in that is Japanese.  Perhaps some of you may shun me for claiming I like Japanese, yet I don’t fit that anime-addicted mold that tends to be the basic framework that Japanese groupies persue.  Truth be told, a person can like, and even love, a language without fitting such a mold.  I prefer not to deign to any insulting level, though, so I shall move on before my tounge starts cutting people.

My wife speaks japanese.  I’ll leave it at that.

Each week I read a blog by a japanese woman named Miko, who has a talent for posting just the sort of stuff that I find interesting… it’s not the web-log (blog) of an uber l33t hackzor with an anime collection to rival those that I would insult in paragraph 1.  Instead, it’s a normal person with normal experience, yet who finds fun things that are (in reality) little jewels of interest.  I think the blog is great 🙂 


Enjoy, if you choose to so do.




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